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Full turn-key solutions for flexible printed circuits and rigid flex. PFC’s team has extensive design, development, manufacturing, and assembly experience providing high quality flex circuits. Our cutting- edge flex circuit technology enables freedom of design, product miniaturization, reliability, bendability, and overall cost savings for electronic solutions.


Circuit layout, single- and double-sided flexible circuits, sculptured circuits, rigid-flex, and full turnkey assembly are what we do.


PFC offers turnkey solutions for challenging flex circuit design, manufacturing, and assembly. From development of bare flexible circuits, to full assemblies, PFC has the advanced capabilities to serve leading technology providers. Driven by years of experience, our highly skilled team delivers full turnkey services to help clients achieve a competitive advantage.

Design Support


Manufacturing & Assembly

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  • PFC helps with the design of flex circuits for thinner, lighter, and smaller technology using a special set of requirements unique to flexible circuitry. Understanding how these requirements interact allows us to create flex circuits that balance the electrical and mechanical features into a reliable, cost-effective interconnected solution. We deliver dynamic products that ultimately enable clients’ to reduce material and labor costs, and limit the number of complex connections in a design.

  • PFC delivers full turnkey flexible circuit development. Our experienced team evaluates customer processes and products to provide insight on flex circuit efficiency. PFC’s early customer engagement process will develop the best design and engineering solutions.

  • PFC provides leading companies with customized flex circuit solutions and unbeatable customer service. Our integrated technologies and processes provide our clients’ a range of advanced flex and rigid flex circuits. Our team’s high level of technical capability supports production and quick-turn manufacturing requirements. With all manufacturing processes under one roof, we have the ability to manufacture end- to- end flexible circuits.

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The mechanical and electrical needs of a project determine the type of flexible circuit used. When selecting a flexible circuit, weigh the advantages of the circuit against the total installed cost, including inspection, interconnection, tooling and testing. PFC experts help guide clients on the best flex circuit to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

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Single sided

Single-sided flex circuits are the most basic type of flexible circuits. They have one layer of copper laminated between polyimide dielectrics. We chemically etch the copper layer to produce a circuit pattern specific to design requirements. Stiffeners, pins, connectors, and components, are optional. Single-sided flex circuits are durable across applications and are excellent for installations in with small spaces.

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Double sided

Double-sided circuits have two layers of copper laminated between polyimide dielectrics. In most cases, the two layers of copper are electrically connected by drilling small holes through the copper circuits and the separating dielectric. The holes are then plated with copper to make a connection between them. The slideshow below shows the artwork required for each layer of the circuit build.

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Multi Layer

Multi-layer flexible circuits combine several single-sided or double-sided circuits with complex interconnections, shielding and/or surface mounted technologies in a multi-layer design. The number of conductor layers designed into multi-layer flex circuits are limitless. The package size, layer count vs. flexibility is considered during the design layout for ease of installation. Below is a slideshow of a four layer flex circuit for a digital camera application.

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Rigid Flex

Rigid flex circuits combine the benefits of rigid boards and flexible circuits integrated into one circuit. The two-in-one circuit is interconnected through plated through holes. Rigid flex circuits provide higher component density and better quality control. The slideshow below shows an eight layer rigid flex circuit used for a medical device. Four layers are rigid and four layers are flexible. There are connectors required on two different sides of the circuit, which is carrying signals and power.

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Sculptured Flex

Sculpted flexible circuits have sculpted pins, which are made as a through-hole connector. Sculptured terminal pins are built-in and extended beyond the boundary of the polyimide base material. These pins are plugged into a series of holes in a PCB and then soldered. This circuit design, is also able to be soldered to a series of surface mount pads. Sculpted flex circuits are often chosen to eliminate the need and cost of a ZIF connector.

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High Speed Data Links

PFC has created the PFC High Speed Data Link Flexible Circuits product line, in collaboration with Samtec. The PFC Data Link is a direct cross to the Samtec Data Link product line, a leader in transmitting and receiving digital information. Our strategic partnership with Samtec has provided customers with improved interconnectivity for PFC and expert flex circuit assembly for Samtec.

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PFC has an accumulation of 100’s of years of flex design and manufacturing experience specific to the flex circuit industry.
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Design Support

PFC provides turnkey flexible circuit solutions for markets that rely on advanced, dependable electronics. We have the flexibility to adapt to the varying degrees of complexity demanded by our markets and customers. Our traceability and process management controls offer the most competitive electronics designed not to fail.



Aerospace and Defense

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  • PFC is committed to helping the world stay connected with our electronics services for both private and public communications sectors. We deliver exceptional performance for all electronic components and systems. Our clients are transforming the communications sphere with our diverse expertise in maintaining a connected world.

  • PFC solutions meet the complexities, regulations, and requirements of the medical industry. Our ISO13485 certification ensures customers that our processes comply with the high standards expected from the market. Our unique combination of processes, systems, people, and tools maximize our customers’ product quality.

  • Our commitment to system and process capabilities demonstrates our ability to serve the aerospace, defense, and military markets. From in-flight commercial aerospace devices to military-grade defense products, we have expertise in military and aerospace assemblies. We strictly comply with ITAR requirements, and our Manufacturing Execution System, which allow us to maintain process and product quality programs.